Not long ago, we met with a client who had gone through the ABC application process once before, and shared a traumatizing story of trying to sequence her residential survey.   All residents within 500 feet of her premises in a populated residential corner of San Mateo had to be accounted for, which meant going down to the location and walking around to each house and apartment building like a door-to-door salesman. There can be hundreds of residents and in this case, there were. It took hours, later having to type each address on a list so they made sense to the Dept. of ABC. Then, as they are wont to do, ABC determined that there were missing addresses so back she must go. A nightmare for anyone, to be sure, but for a person in the throes of opening a restaurant? As the kids say these days: Nope.

Clients of ours have never had to do their own surveys, but there was a time when Carrie heaved around a measuring roller wherever she went.   Thankfully, things have changed a bit. These days we have access to a database of residential addresses, a nifty radius map, and Google maps to determine which addresses we need to mail to. This is not to say that doing surveys is a piece of cake now, it still takes significant patience and internet savvy, and we sometimes do need a human on the ground to verify new addresses. But the last time we did that (in the new condominium haven that is Hayes Valley) we handled it with Task Rabbit.

Technology has transformed how we do business. In 2012, our invoices were Word documents, all typed finger by little finger. Now, we whip those up in Freshbooks, providing a beautiful, branded invoice to clients and accounts receivable notifications to us. Our client management was a whiteboard (with Carrie’s pink, doctor-quality writing); now RelateIQ keeps all of our accounts up to date and easily monitored. Our bookkeeping was a sad attempt at Quickbooks with a pile of receipts that sat un-entered for months, now we send those babies to Bench bookkeeping. There are so many others… has saved us from the perils of Neopost (Hallelujah!), Zenefits manages all our HR, gives us access to current files from anywhere, ScanSnap reduces our paper consumption, Uber & Lyft get us around in a flash. All effective, efficient, and frankly quite satisfying to use.

We are streamlining the hell out of things so we can spend more time
actually helping you and/or drinking your booze.

But enough about us.

Technology is the future, nay!; technology is the now. We’re fascinated especially by how restaurants, a business with a billion details and no time, can benefit. How are you or the restaurateurs you know using technology to make business better, easier, or more fun?

We’ll be posting on restaurant technology in a few months, bringing the best resources to you that we can find. But for now, we’d love to hear what services and products are making lives of restaurateurs a bit easier. Until next time…

Signing out.