The Dept. of ABC’s Director Tim Gorsuch announced the Original Type 47 licenses that will become available this fall.  Still no San Francisco, wah wah, but definitely some other hot locales:


  • Alameda County (25 available)
  • Contra Costa (25)
  • Los angeles (25)
  • Marin (5)
  • Sacramento (25)
  • Santa Clara (10)
  • Ventura (10)

You are required to submit a Certified Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order for $13,800 with the Priority Drawing application form. We will prepare the form and submit for you for no fee (just hire us if you are successful).  Everybody wins! If you are not successful, you will be refunded minus a $100 service charge.

We’ve had very good luck with these in the past. Even if you are not selected on the first round, many applicants can’t utilize the license due to lease, entity or Planning Department issues, which gives lower ranked applicants a chance up through late January.   Also, don’t forget that we can help you find a license to buy if you miss out on an original.

Things to Note:

  • You must have a lease in place (with at least a 2 year term) by January 1, 2016 to qualify for this special license.
  • Your entity must exist for at least 90 days prior to the September due date to be eligible.
  • Apps may be submitted September 15 – 24th

Shoot us an email if you’re interested or need more information.  We’re happy to help!

Break a Leg,
ABC License Company