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  • Ready for This?

    We’re rolling into 2016 full steam ahead, and wanted to share some of the projects you can look forward to this year, assisted by yours truly. More good things coming from a lot of our repeat clients, making the world a more delicious and/or drunken place again and again (and again…).

    Umberto Gibin & Staffan Terje, in addition to being lovely human beings, know their way around a successful restaurant. Volta is a stunning space, the result of a complete renovation at 868 Mission. It practically begs to be photographed. [See above.] And then there’s the food — French brasserie with Scandinavian influences — these veterans from Perbacco & Barbacco can make a damn good plate of it.

    We’re in awe of Charles Bilillies & crew. They’ve nailed a great concept, affordable yet fab food, and they execute it with aplomb. We brought our friends from the SFPD there one afternoon which kicked off almost weekly lunches enjoyed by the Department… so you can assume they’re running a legit operation.  Charles is readying to open on Divis and there’s serious talk for a third location in the near future. Join us in praying that it’s Oakland.

    Alvin Garcia & Tom Patella have been busy bees running Causwell’s on Chestnut, opening Popson’s on Market (Alvin’s solo project just next door to Tommy Kneecap’s upcoming joint, Waystone). If you can’t wait until March to try the famous Popson’s burger, you’re in luck because a pop up take over of the old Marlowe Burger at 330 Townsend in Soma is now open. Gentlemen, your Adriano Paganini background is showing. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

    Telefèric Barcelona
    Authentic Basque cuisine is now in… Walnut Creek? Most of our clients are consummate hospitality purveyors, but Xavi Padrosa impressed when he shared his uni risotto with us during a preliminary meeting. Telefèric Barcelona has already made a name for itself as a lively, positively scrumptious destination and they’ve been open for literally 11 days.

    Gasp! The Monarch team bought Mighty! They’re flossing it out in signature Monarch fashion and certainly have some cool ideas in mind, many of which even we are not privy to. Whatever it is, it will be damn good.

    Warren Rector of Portal in Oakland opens Philomena on 14th Ave, Oakland, in February. Portal has been a major player in East Bay beer enjoyment and rather wonderful food on their sprawling patio.  Warren creates the type of places you feel at home immediately and for the long haul, which may or may not be a good thing when you start boozing at 11.

    Barcha has been around for a while, but they are going through some upgrades including procuring a distilled spirits license. Santé! Peter Steiner is responsible for the bar program at Barcha, which will certainly be a hit amongst the faithful clientele from Barcha & Sens.

    Welp, that should keep you busy for a while. Good god, it’s hard to keep up! Here’s to a delicious & interesting 2016!

    ABC License Company


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  • Taking The Party Outside This Year?

    Spring has sprung and, my darling restauranteurs, you know what that means: Outdoor Events!  Do you have a favorite California street fair?  I’m particularly fond of the art and wine fests!

    (Disclaimer: Do Not Make Significant Art Purchases After A Third Glass!)

    I think you can handle just one small lesson before Spring Break 2013– let’s talk Catering Permits and Daily Licenses.

    All License Types 41, 42, 47, 48 and 57 are allowed to obtain a Type 58 Caterer’s Permit.  A caterer’s permit allows a licensee to sell alcoholic beverages off site.  Remember – your current license privileges carry over – meaning if you just sell beer and wine at your actual premises,  your off site event has the same parameters.

    Here is what you need to know: In addition to having the Type 58 license,  you must obtain authorization from the ABC for most catered events.   The process is relatively simple (and simpler if I handle it for you, of course!).  You’ll need to present your Catering Authorization application to your local ABC office at least two weeks prior to your event.  This will give the ABC enough time to process.  Keep in mind that your Catering Authorization Application make take more time if:

    • There are more than 500 people attending the event
    • The event is outdoors
    • Event is on adjacent property
    • The event is at a location that already holds an alcoholic beverage license

    Different from a Caterer’s Permit/Authorization is a DAILY LICENSE, only available for qualified non-profit organizations.    The authorization process is essentially the same as for the Catering Authorization – there are just a few extra documents that need to be provided to ABC.

    As always, I am here to help.

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  • Planning An Expansion This Summer?

    Happy New Year! The sun is lingering later each day and spring is just weeks away. You know what that means: outdoor drinking and dining! One of my absolute favorite things is enjoying a lovely sun-drenched brunch with a cocktail. And while I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, I do wish my clients would resolve to plan far enough ahead when expanding their premises, whether it be into an outdoor patio space or additional indoor space. The cogs of city and state government turn slowly. To expand your premises footprint, you may need approval from both the City you are located in and the State of California.

    In general, if you are located within 100-feet of a residential dwelling, the ABC requires a more formal application process whereby you are required to notify all residential dwellings within 100 feet of your business as well as any 500 foot residential dwellings.    Your neighbors have a right to protest this as well as your friendly local police department.  This more formal application process could also require your local governing body (Board of Supervisors, for example) to approve the expansion – it really depends on the type of license you have, what is immediately around you and the type of expansion.

    Some premises expansions are handled “administratively” by the Department.  This means you simply write a letter to the ABC, enclose a copy of your city permit, as well as a diagram on the approved ABC form.  You may receive a confirming letter acknowledging the update from the ABC (but not always).

    Whichever type of expansion you are considering,  now is the time to begin the process.

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