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  • Ladies who Lunch

    And by lunch, we mean the women who are making the incredible meals and developing the innovative experiences we fancy so much. Last weekend’s warm spell reminded us of this quote from Julia Child:


            “I think every woman should have a blow torch.”

    …and how much HEAT the women in hospitality are bringing to the table. As an all female operation at ABC License Co., we are especially proud. We’d like to take a few moments to give props to some of the amazing women in food here in the Bay Area.

    One of the best additions to the dining scene in Oakland, and frankly, beyond, has been Juhu Beach Club. An exciting concept that Chef Preeti Mistry & partner Ann Nadeau have executed beautifully. It’s an easy restaurant to become something of a regular… quality casual at its best.

    While we’re in the East Bay, we’d be remiss not to speak on Tanya Holland, that sparkling queen of soul food who gave us the stellar brunch at Brown Sugar Kitchen off Mandela Parkway. She’s one of the more socially active women in food, in terms of events and public commentary. Hers is a voice we can do with more of, to be sure. And, BSK is a go-to for some dudes who play basketball in Oakland. Curry is more than a spice at Brown Sugar Kitchen. #warriorsground

    Speaking of the Warriors, Red Dog is Lauren Kiino’s casual FiDi location and has plenty of love for Golden State. You can catch the rest of the semifinals from a comfortable bar stool with a scotch egg and a scotch. (Why not?)

    And we’ve got much love for Kim Alter, whose cuisine we incidentally had the pleasure of enjoying this January at a baby shower for our web designer Never Trust a Dame and babydaddy pastry king Bill Corbett at Plum Bar. Sometimes the Bay Area food scene feels a heck of a lot like fantasy. Kim’s forthcoming Nightbird is just finishing up, so stay tuned for her own bundle of joy coming to Hayes Valley this summer.

    The La Cocina ladies are always doing good things at El Huarache Loco at Larkspur Landing and Los Cilantros on Shattuck Ave in Berkeley. Both Mexicanas are making fabulous plates with skill and love. Also, sometimes Dilsa has the most divine alfajores at Los Cilantros.

    Beer! We’re huge fans of Local Brewing on Bluxome Street in SF. Regan Long, brewmaster, and Sarah Fenson are brewing fantastic beer that we’re sure you’ve seen at some of your favorite watering holes throughout the city. This team runs a tight ship, something we can appreciate very much from the licensing side of things.

    Dry though it may be, there are also a lot of women we work with every day on the business side to get these projects going. Escrow queens Linda Chrisman, Tiffany Criger, & Elizabeth McGovern; lawyers extraordinaire Lisa Liu of The Mitzel Group and Roberta Economidis with Georgopoulos & Economidis who keep the business structures legitimate. One of our greatest mentors, the inimitable Lynne Carmichael, truly the grand dame of all things alcoholic beverage law. And the lovely real estate brokers who find the right locations for all this fine fare, especially over at Colliers Intl. & CGI. We’re still reeling over the loss of beautiful Karen Hoke, a one-of-a-kind individual who hustled the real estate game harder than most and was a delight to enjoy a bottle of champs with.

    Many thanks and our eternal support to all of the women who make their mark on this industry in any capacity. Keep it up, ladies. And fire up those blow torches.

    -ABC License Company

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  • Taking The Party Outside This Year?

    Spring has sprung and, my darling restauranteurs, you know what that means: Outdoor Events!  Do you have a favorite California street fair?  I’m particularly fond of the art and wine fests!

    (Disclaimer: Do Not Make Significant Art Purchases After A Third Glass!)

    I think you can handle just one small lesson before Spring Break 2013– let’s talk Catering Permits and Daily Licenses.

    All License Types 41, 42, 47, 48 and 57 are allowed to obtain a Type 58 Caterer’s Permit.  A caterer’s permit allows a licensee to sell alcoholic beverages off site.  Remember – your current license privileges carry over – meaning if you just sell beer and wine at your actual premises,  your off site event has the same parameters.

    Here is what you need to know: In addition to having the Type 58 license,  you must obtain authorization from the ABC for most catered events.   The process is relatively simple (and simpler if I handle it for you, of course!).  You’ll need to present your Catering Authorization application to your local ABC office at least two weeks prior to your event.  This will give the ABC enough time to process.  Keep in mind that your Catering Authorization Application make take more time if:

    • There are more than 500 people attending the event
    • The event is outdoors
    • Event is on adjacent property
    • The event is at a location that already holds an alcoholic beverage license

    Different from a Caterer’s Permit/Authorization is a DAILY LICENSE, only available for qualified non-profit organizations.    The authorization process is essentially the same as for the Catering Authorization – there are just a few extra documents that need to be provided to ABC.

    As always, I am here to help.

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