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  • Proud of PRIDE

    To the community, we one hundred percent stand beside you and celebrate your humanity on this month and always. Thank you for your beautiful, complex spirits.

    We get to interact with some extraordinary individuals & teams in our work and wanted to highlight some LGBTQIA-owned or operated businesses. And now that the parade is over, you might be able to get a table at one of them! Go forth and enjoy!



    5179 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609
    Preeti & Ann have struck gold with their casual Oakland establishment that seems to have its priorities in order. Also check out Navi Kitchen in Emeryville. 👌


    2251 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114
    You may not be able to get these delightful PRIDE cupcakes all year, but just ask owner Rick Hamer and something fabulous will turn up in front of you.


    3127 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123
    Variety is the spice of life at Atelier Crenn & this team consists of some truly mad geniuses. The experiences they create is the stuff dreams are made of.



    [click link for locations] Helen & Brooke started Equator from a garage in Marin County and have grown steadily, becoming a National Small Business of the Year in 2016 from the SBA.



    3407 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
    Jen Biesty & Ted Nugent have put together an enduring, classic oasis on Lakeshore Ave. Stop by for a creative menu, happy hour mastery, or a laugh with Jen & Ted.



    69 Bluxome St, San Francisco, CA 94107
    This cool brewery on Bluxome Street is woman-owned and they make absolutely delicious beers like Let’s Get Tropical, Mezcal Red, & Sweet Emotion.



    705 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133
    You can find all kinds of wonderful wines, artisanal products, and handmade crafts in Flora’s shop in North Beach. Put together a special meal for your beloved or yourself!

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  • Ladies who Lunch

    And by lunch, we mean the women who are making the incredible meals and developing the innovative experiences we fancy so much. Last weekend’s warm spell reminded us of this quote from Julia Child:


            “I think every woman should have a blow torch.”

    …and how much HEAT the women in hospitality are bringing to the table. As an all female operation at ABC License Co., we are especially proud. We’d like to take a few moments to give props to some of the amazing women in food here in the Bay Area.

    One of the best additions to the dining scene in Oakland, and frankly, beyond, has been Juhu Beach Club. An exciting concept that Chef Preeti Mistry & partner Ann Nadeau have executed beautifully. It’s an easy restaurant to become something of a regular… quality casual at its best.

    While we’re in the East Bay, we’d be remiss not to speak on Tanya Holland, that sparkling queen of soul food who gave us the stellar brunch at Brown Sugar Kitchen off Mandela Parkway. She’s one of the more socially active women in food, in terms of events and public commentary. Hers is a voice we can do with more of, to be sure. And, BSK is a go-to for some dudes who play basketball in Oakland. Curry is more than a spice at Brown Sugar Kitchen. #warriorsground

    Speaking of the Warriors, Red Dog is Lauren Kiino’s casual FiDi location and has plenty of love for Golden State. You can catch the rest of the semifinals from a comfortable bar stool with a scotch egg and a scotch. (Why not?)

    And we’ve got much love for Kim Alter, whose cuisine we incidentally had the pleasure of enjoying this January at a baby shower for our web designer Never Trust a Dame and babydaddy pastry king Bill Corbett at Plum Bar. Sometimes the Bay Area food scene feels a heck of a lot like fantasy. Kim’s forthcoming Nightbird is just finishing up, so stay tuned for her own bundle of joy coming to Hayes Valley this summer.

    The La Cocina ladies are always doing good things at El Huarache Loco at Larkspur Landing and Los Cilantros on Shattuck Ave in Berkeley. Both Mexicanas are making fabulous plates with skill and love. Also, sometimes Dilsa has the most divine alfajores at Los Cilantros.

    Beer! We’re huge fans of Local Brewing on Bluxome Street in SF. Regan Long, brewmaster, and Sarah Fenson are brewing fantastic beer that we’re sure you’ve seen at some of your favorite watering holes throughout the city. This team runs a tight ship, something we can appreciate very much from the licensing side of things.

    Dry though it may be, there are also a lot of women we work with every day on the business side to get these projects going. Escrow queens Linda Chrisman, Tiffany Criger, & Elizabeth McGovern; lawyers extraordinaire Lisa Liu of The Mitzel Group and Roberta Economidis with Georgopoulos & Economidis who keep the business structures legitimate. One of our greatest mentors, the inimitable Lynne Carmichael, truly the grand dame of all things alcoholic beverage law. And the lovely real estate brokers who find the right locations for all this fine fare, especially over at Colliers Intl. & CGI. We’re still reeling over the loss of beautiful Karen Hoke, a one-of-a-kind individual who hustled the real estate game harder than most and was a delight to enjoy a bottle of champs with.

    Many thanks and our eternal support to all of the women who make their mark on this industry in any capacity. Keep it up, ladies. And fire up those blow torches.

    -ABC License Company

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  • Doing Good

    Not only does the Bay Area food scene provide amazing dining experiences, it also does good for the community and world. Let’s look at five local groups that are doin’ good work in the world.

    La Cocina – “Cultivating Food Entrepreneurs.” We first worked with the La Cocina incubator for El Huarache Loco with owner Veronica Salazar’s magnificent take on the flavors of Mexico City. You don’t have to travel to MEX to taste some bold DF flavor! It’s located just over at the Marin Mart! First of all, go there. It’s delicious. Secondly, props to La Cocina for bringing Veronica and a host of diverse culinary projects to life that may not otherwise have found the resources to get something going in the exorbitant (don’t think this is an exaggeration, unfortunately) Bay Area market. La Cocina operates on the belief that “a community of natural entrepreneurs, given the right resources, can create self-sufficient businesses that benefit themselves, their families, their community, and the whole city.”Here’s a list of their graduated businesses. We know you’re hungry.

    Cala – We’ve written about this before but damn if it’s not worth revisiting! Gabriela Camara opened Cala in 2015, another Mexico City goddess of food, this time with an ambitious take on higher end Mexican cuisine. It’s a beautiful, airy, Meyer sound developed space that definitely conveys the hip vibe of the Condesa or Roma Norte barrios of Mexico City. We love all of these things, but they’re not what put Cala on our list. For that, we just have to look at their hiring philosophy. With the lack of staff generally available in a saturated restaurant climate, Camara and co-owner Emma Rosenbush look a little deeper for talent. About 70 percent of the staff is recruited from Delancey Street, the San Francisco Adult Probation Dept. and other similar rehabilitation centers in the area, providing work opportunities for a community that generally isn’t considered as a legitimate talent pool.  Cala is doing good on many levels and we are proud to be a part of their project.

    Food Runners – The mission of Food Runners is trifold: to help alleviate hunger in SF, to help prevent waste, and to help create community. Founded in 1987 by Tante Marie’s creator Mary Risley, an incredibly down to earth and saucy advocate for culinary activism, it has been awarded “Humanitarian of the Year” by the James Beard Foundation, and the program provides 5,000 meals per day from over 450 restaurants, caterers, grocery stores and other businesses. You can donate money of course, here, or join the community and volunteer. And if you don’t already know Mary, may we suggest acquainting yourself with this masterpiece: Just Put the F&*%ing Turkey in the Oven

    CUESA – If you have ever enjoyed the magnificent Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, then you have enjoyed CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture).  They are committed to “cultivating a sustainable food system through the operation of farmers markets and educational programs”.  They have great classes like the upcoming Knife Skills 101 on April 9th . Really, their website is a veritable cornucopia of incredible farm to table events, articles featuring producers and artisans, and, well, good ol’ food porn. It’s a Bay Area food treasure.

    CHEFS – ECS, the Episcopal Community Services, has an incredible project that provides safe housing, and counseling services to a sizeable percentage of the city’s homeless population, in and of itself a noble task. But the unique part of this program is the culinary training it provides from professional chefs, preparing the students to work in actual pro kitchens upon graduation. This site gives a sense of the scope of ECS and particularly the CHEFS program, and if you’re looking for a really fabulous way to get involved, you MUST attend their annual fundraiser, Summertini (coming up June 3rd!). Get yourself a lil’ dolled up, taste food & signature cocktails from top establishments all over the Bay AND the CHEFS kitchen, and join the fun of the auction for a chance to bid on unique items like private chef dinners, custom bespoke suits, and rare wines for your collection.

    For a city that places so much importance on food, these kinds of programs speak to a larger sense of progress. And we’re thrilled each and every time we get to participate in bringing them to the world or helping to sustain them.

    If you hold dear any food-related programs that could benefit from our services, please do get in touch. You can just hit reply! We offer reduced rates for certain projects that fit the scope of culinary community development.

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