We are ABC License Company.

We do this odd and wonderful work because we love what you do. We enjoy perfecting applications, it’s true. And we get great pleasure from negotiating your later close times and understanding your corporate structures.

Odd? Maybe. But ultimately, the California restaurant industry is a vibrant place to spend our days, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chef, Manager, President, Sommelier, we are beyond pleased to make your acquaintance.

  • I’m Carrie Peters, Owner, Founder, fixture at your restaurant.

    I have done this work exclusively for over 20 years.  First in the excellent legal firm of Hinman Carmichael, then Farella Braun + Martel, and finally on Maiden Lane at Haas & Najarian. I realized several years ago that I could bring this quality of service to restaurateurs and bar owners without bogging them down with the excesses of working with a law firm.   So in 2012, ABC License Company was born, and I am thrilled to know and assist so many inspiring culinary businesses in the great state of California.

    I was born in Southern California and grew up in the agricultural oasis of the Sacramento River Delta.  Summers during my college years were spent working in my grandmother Josephine’s Los Angeles Italian restaurant, Barone’s.  She was a glamorous and formidable woman, and she taught me the value of paying for great service and going for what you want.  With this experience, combined with my youth spent in farm country, I could not help but be passionate about food– every aspect of it.  This industry is in my blood.

  • I'm Paola Hurtado, Associate, OCD before it was cool.

    As Carrie maneuvers bureaucratic red tape, I assist her with preparing precise applications on behalf of our clients. Before joining Carrie, I studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and worked under a world-renowned publisher of limited edition artists’ books. I enjoyed indulging in the meticulous nuances of operating a vintage Vandercook letterpress. An artist by nature, I have the ability to see the big picture and the discipline to focus on the details. I constantly push the boundaries of creative thinking to drive at the most thorough and organized approach to every project.

    I was born in Curitiba, Paraná in the south of Brazil – a place that is known for its botanical gardens, sophisticated population and unparalleled infrastructure. The technology industry lured my father to the Silicon Valley allowing us the opportunity to live throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I settled with my husband in Oakland – strategically located in the heart of our clientele – where I am delighted to sample a harmonious blend of cultural diversity, delectable cuisine and captivating nightlife. This love affair isn’t a fling.

  • I'm Vanessa Graves, Straight-shooter, no chaser.

    As the office maven, I don’t mince words, who has time for that? We pound the pavement here, as we rush to the offices of regulatory bodies and back, while conducting residential surveys for our clients. In a past life, I dined on the intoxicating energy only found in New York City, and now I gladly pay forward my fast-paced step so that I can help Carrie and Paola beat your critical deadlines. I live in the space between discipline and organization, two critical components that assist in pushing your application process.

    From the moment I read the first line of “This Side of Paradise”, I was enchanted with F. Scott Fitzgerald and I find his literary style to be as eclectic as the clients we serve. Literature was a focal point in my house during my early years, a time period when I was also exposed to a unique fusion of tasty cultures. Thanks to my Nicaraguan mother and my Syrian father who was raised in Chile, I grew up speaking Spanish and being my father’s habibti, as he would affectionately express in Arabic. My parents ignited the burning ember within me of warm hospitality and guided me to define my educated palate by sharing a magnificent world of flavor. Food can truly be synonymous with Love when it’s prepared by the ones we care about most. Some like it spicy, I like it hot!