You are a restaurateur planning to open a restaurant, bar, or brewpub in one of California’s fine cities. Your vision is gaining the support of partners, investors and the insatiable dining public. You have a unique perspective, a delicious signature cocktail, the best wine paring on this side of the Sacramento. The world is your Hog Island Oyster!

Ahem. Before you start sailing your oyster boat into the sunset, may we introduce you to the Department of ABC?

As much as we love the Department, not everyone appreciates their idiosyncrasies. The process of obtaining a liquor license, with the hours and conditions you want for your business, can be arduous and complicated, and as a restaurant owner, probably not your field of expertise. Your success is ultimately hinged on your ability to run a great restaurant or bar, not manage the expectations of a state bureaucracy.


And we are… ? Your ABC advocate. Your ace. Your navigator. We will guide you through the alcohol licensing process, navigating every step of the way. We are committed that you get to the point of operating your business. And we want to experience your vision, in full glory, for ourselves. This is why we do this work.

Legally we must clarify that we are consultants, not the governing body of licenses. There are rare scenarios beyond anybody’s control where the license doesn’t issue. But we can greatly increase your chances of moving through without a hitch. And if you decide to work with us, the following guarantees pertain:

  1. You benefit from over 30 years of direct experience in California liquor license consulting as we use our proprietary resources to quickly and correctly obtain issuance of your license.
  2. You’ll receive excellent, delightful and timely service.
  3. Our unequalled knack of noticing and addressing potential issues before they become real issues.
  4. You will have access to our niche expertise and network to meet any need that arises throughout the process.

When you decide to work with us, you’ll provide the necessary documents and information we request from you to complete an application. We will submit an invoice and arrange a time to meet you in order to get the application signed.

Aside from providing us with any additional information the Department of ABC needs, you are  now pardoned from duty while we manage the application process with your ABC investigator. We know them well. It generally takes between two and four months to arrive at the hallelujah moment of license issuance, and we are determinedly vigilant until we get there. So you can focus on perfecting your dinner menu. Because after all this supervising and orchestrating on your behalf…?

We’re f*%&ing famished.