We offer our services at a simple flat rate for most Transfer or Original ABC Applications. The flat rate is based on your ownership structure.

This includes:

  • Assembling your application completely (we’ll let you know exactly what we need)
  • Arranging the signing (in person, when location permits)
  • Managing the process personally with your assigned ABC investigator (they know & love us)
  • Providing the ABC with all follow-up requirements (rest assured, it’s handled)
  • Informing you of status updates and celebrating with you when it issues (pick your poison)

VIP Notice: If your situation is more complicated than usual or you require royal treatment, we will operate on an hourly rate per our Professional Services Agreement.

Mailing and surveys are extra, although we arrange them for you. Our fees do not include the fees owed to Dept. of ABC, Live Scan fingerprinting, nor do they include work to resolve a protest. If this becomes a live issue, we will refer you to the right person. Our fees also do not include preliminary site assessments drawing on our expertise in California licensing. We will gladly provide you with such a service on an hourly basis as you do your due diligence before undertaking a project. (See VIP Notice.)

Now, let’s get down to business.

We do our job so you can focus on yours. We will expertly handle your license application, with minor inconvenience to you, and take you one significant step closer to sharing your sensory vision with the world.  It’s our pleasure to be of service.

To your success…